What is the Kinect Xbox 360 game controller?
Kinect makes gaming and entertainment live in a completely new and amazing way because you can play with the whole body. Use the arms, legs, feet and hands - with Kinect is no controllers, there is only you. And it seems quite natural and intuitive. It is as if technology evaporates and leaves room for the natural magic that exists within us all. You just jump in and try this out, it will completely chance the way we view gaming today and become the next big thing in the gamer industry.

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Buy Kinect or Xbox 360 Console 4GB med Kinect today and receive at launch a token so you can download three exclusive tracks for Kinect Adventures - the game that comes with Kinect .** In Kinect Adventures, you and your friends explore the world, and what lies outside, through 20 active adventure, which gives access to the ultimate status: Expert Adventurer.
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What's included:

• Two exclusive tracks to Rally Ball - "Chomper" and "twisters" - where there are several Rally Ball tricks and patterns, you must master.
• An exclusive track for Reflex Ridge, "Champion", where you must avoid obstacles, collecting points and run on time.
• An exclusive Kinect Adventures Helicopter-props to your avatar, see more xbox spil at xbox 360 spil